TNW Mobile Shower


Often times we take for granted the value of being able to take a hot shower to get the day started, to freshen up before going to an interview, or as a means of relief after a long day. We believe that our homeless and unstably-housed neighbors should be able to access this basic need for those same reasons. Healthy hygiene habits go a long way towards better health and higher self -esteem. Our prayer is that all those who enter the mobile shower will come out with renewed dignity and hope.


How It Works


Our neighbors will sign up for a time slot of which they will have about 15 minutes to bathe and groom. Each neighbor will receive a towel, washcloth, and other toiletries needed to bathe.

Starting out, the mobile shower will operate twice a month and will serve about 30 people each time. TNW volunteers will be onsite for the duration of the outreach.


Where will we be?

We would like to partner with churches and communities in DC and Maryland, where our neighbors have little or no close access to safe and welcoming places to shower. Church parking lots and park perimeters are our ideal space for the program.

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The Bottom Line

The start-up cost for our first Mobile Shower is $50,000. This includes the trailer, licensing and permits, shower maintenance, and Blessing Bags for our neighbors.


Feeling brand new

We would love to complete the feeling of starting fresh! We are currently working on partnering with a local organization that provides our neighbors with clothes and exploring ideas of partnering with laundromats.



If you or someone you know is interested in being a sponsor for the TNW Mobile shower program, please contact Omolayo Adebayo, Founder, at